Q&A with local chef Rickie Taylor

Rickie Taylor is not your ordinary chef…he learned his craft by reading over his many cook books and watching cooking shows. What stuck out to me is that Taylor decided to cater to the people who are often overlooked…employees at local barber shops and hair salons! Read the Q&A between Taylor and I to learn more about him…pictured provided by Rickie Taylor


Q:Who are you and what do you do?

A:My name is Rickie Taylor and I am a self-taught Chef catering to barber shops and salons in the Sicklerville area. I chose barber shops and salons because the employees work all day and most do not get an opportunity to leave their jobs to go and get decent food. I also chose barber shops and salons because I am a one-person operation which means I cook and deliver the food and my delivery times vary.

Q:Who or what inspires your love of cooking?

A:My love and inspiration for cooking comes from my love of eating delicious food. Also I am cheap and I figured I could probably buy the food and cook it better than the restaurant can and save a lot of money at the same time.

Q:Where did you learn how to cook?

I am a self-taught chef, I do own a lot of different cookbooks ranging from Spanish to Mediterranean to American I like to cook a lot of different types of cuisines. I think also by watching many different cooking shows dating back to when I was about 11 to now. I primarily watch cooking shows more than any other shows on TV.

Q:What do you do to keep yourself organized? How do you manage your time?

A: To stay organized I typically write lists out every week for the menu that I’m going to prepare. I typically prepare five to six menu dishes for the weekend menu and manage my time by focusing on one item at a time so that I don’t lose focus and get off track.

Q:How would you define your cooking style? 

A: I would consider my cooking style to be Soulful Fusion. I incorporate the soulfulness of my cooking in all of the different types of cuisine I cook.
At the moment I really do not sell platters to the public so I wouldn’t have any information to allow people to reach me.

Q:What is it your favorite meal to cook? :

A:My favorite meal to cook is a thick and juicy bone in ribeye steak.

Q:What is your favorite meal to eat?

A:My favorite meal to eat is my annual Father’s Day meal which consists of a bone in ribeye and a lobster.

Q:Is there any dish you haven’t mastered yet but still want to?

A: You may find this funny but I have yet to master Fried Chicken. I have made Fried Chicken a number of times and absolutely hated it.

Q:Has cooking always been a passion of yours, if so, how do you plan on taking your passion further?

A: I think I developed a passion for cooking at a very early age. I can remember frying my first chicken at the age of 11. I plan on furthering my culinary passion by purchasing a food truck in 2017 to further my culinary career.
Q:What are your thoughts on men who think that only women belong in the kitchen?…What advice do you have for them? 

A:  Men who think that only women belong in the kitchen need to advance with the times. Both men and women are or can be phenomenal chefs and there are a host of both men and women who are extremely successful at being a chef. My take is if you can cook I don’t care what your gender is put the food on the table and let me eat. If I had the mindset of only women can be in the kitchen I probably would not have my wife right now. I snagged her by making a peach pie back in college.



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