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Restaurant Review #3- Naija D and Family

Usually I review restaurants that you can actually go to dine-in but this time I decided to shake things up a bit and review a new soul food catering service based in Lindenwold, New Jersey that brings the food to you – Naija D and Family’s.

The shirts for the catering service. photo provided by Naija D.

Because the catering service is new and just starting up, you have to place orders throughout the week and they are delivered on Fridays only. Owner, Naija D, hopes to take business on the road once business picks up more. How it works is there are flyers of what would be served for the week (each week the items change) and then, you pick one meat and two sides with a roll for all of $12, you also tell her where and what time would be convenient for the food to be delivered  to you.


 Let’s face it…sometimes it’s too much to actually get dressed, and drive to the restaurant and then have to sit and wait for your order. Sometimes it’s nice to eat really great food in the comfort of your own home (not to mention it cuts the time in half so you can catch a nap right after).  And, I must say it was nice to come home on Friday from work and know that my food would be on its way to me instead of me having to leave back out to go grab it.

I choose the turkey wings (2), baked mac and cheese and, to switch things up, baked beans for my order.  The turkey wings were well seasoned and most of all – not dry! The meat was falling of the bones. I just would have preferred a nice sauce to go with them.

 I have to admit I loved the mac and cheese; it reminded me of my mom’s the way that cheese was hanging from my fork- I could eat the mac by itself.

Baked beans are something I would usually not eat but, I gave them a chance and boy, was I pleasantly surprised! They were sweet but not too sweet. The beans had ground beef and chopped peppers and all together they made my taste buds sing.


All in all, I really enjoyed the food provided by Naija D and Family. I enjoyed the food so much that I devoured it and forgot to take a picture! Needless to say, I would definitely order from here again and I look forward to where Naija D. takes the business.

With 5 being the best and 1 being the worst:

•Customer Service: 5

•Food: 5

•Prices: 5

Naija D & Family Catering –



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