Goodbye…for now!

The end of the semester is here which means FREEDOM! No…it means I won’t have any more assignments due for my Online Journalism class therefore I won’t be forced to post. However, I really enjoyed sharing my journey with you all and I do plan to keep this blog up and maybe even expand it to the Tri-State area so stay tuned!

During this journey I feel I grown a lot as a blogger. So much so that I want to see what different avenues I can take as a blogger. I was very nervous at first but, overtime it became easier. One thing I need to work on is to stop procrastinating. But, overall this is something I’ve grown to enjoy.

If you haven’t already check out some of my favorite post:

Food Blogger’s Corner: Brittani Wills of “A Girl and A Garnish”

Q&A with local chef Rickie Taylor

Restaurant Review #2 – Kelsey and Kim’s

What is Soul Food to you?

Restaurant Review #4: Rochester’s Barbecue & Grill


I appreciate all the feedback and the support, thank you for making this experience a good one!

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