Resturant Reviews

Restaurant Review #4: Rochester’s Barbecue & Grill

After months of hearing about Rochester’s Barbecue & Grill, I finally decided to go and see what they the hype was about. I was accompanied by my mother as I wanted to try as many dishes as possible however, still wanted to maintain my budget! It was rainy, dreary Sunday evening. I realized as I… Continue reading Restaurant Review #4: Rochester’s Barbecue & Grill

Restuarant Reviews

Restaurant Review #1 – Sugarpuddin’s

Don’t be fooled by the name, Sugarpuddin’s isn’t a bakery or candy store but a restaurant serving up good barbeque! I walked in and was greeted immediately with warm welcomes. “I’ll be with you in one second”, said the hostess behind the counter with a big smile on her face as she finished taking care of the guest before… Continue reading Restaurant Review #1 – Sugarpuddin’s